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2003.4 estradiol controlled release (zhou xiao) patch project was listed as the international torch project

Zhejiang Yatai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Is rated as a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch relay

2003.10.23 freeze-dried powder has passed GMP certification



2005.1.1 the registered trademark was rated as the famous trademark of zhejiang province (continued)

2005.1.28 injection (cephalosporins) passed GMP certification

March 14, 2005 zhejiang asia-pacific pharmaceutical co., LTD was awarded as "honest enterprise" of shaoxing city in 2004.

2005.5.12 tablets (penicillin) passed GMP certification

June 2005 gatifloxacin for injection was rated as the national key new product

2005.12 gatisha xian and tuopoxime fat capsules for injection. Ribavirin for injection was rated as a provincial high-tech product

Dec. 16, 2005 hard capsule (chunmycin) passed GMP certification

2005 gatifloxacin for injection won the second prize of shaoxing science and technology award


Qi maixing (azithromycin dispersible tablet) was recommended as a high quality product of zhejiang province

Azithromycin dispersible tablets were awarded shaoxing county science progress award

Compound estradiol patch was approved by technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises



2002.3.12 The registered trademark was appraised as the famous trademark of zhejiang province

2002.6.25 capsules (containing cephalosporins), transdermal patches (hormones) and tablets have passed GMP certification

2002.7 estradiol controlled release patch (zhou xiao) was listed as a national key new product

2002.9.27 yatai brand cefalexin capsules were identified as shaoxing famous brand products in 2002

2002.9 approved by high-tech enterprises

Passed ISO14001 certification on December 23, 2002

The established environmental management system conforms to the standards: GB/T24001 idt iso14001:1996 the scope of certification is as follows: tablet, hard gel capsule (containing cephalosporins), transdermal patch (hormone) production, management activities.

Zhejiang Yatai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Is rated as AAA credit enterprise in 2003
Zhejiang Yatai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
2004.6 estradiol sustained-release patch was identified as a high-tech product
Zhejiang Yatai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Is recognized as a high-tech product relying on duoxue tablet

2004.12 certified and registered for use in 5 categories of azithromycin and roxithromycin products
The trademark is shaoxing famous trademark


Gatifloxacin for injection, cefpoxime fat capsule and ribavirin for injection were rated as provincial high-tech products



The shares were officially listed on the shenzhen stock exchange on March 16, 2010

On May 26, 2010, 90 million pieces of registered capital were changed, and 120 million pieces of variable management were issued with the business license after the change