In order to further strengthen the company's service management, improve the management level and economic efficiency, the system is formulated.
1, sales delivery requirements
  1.1 The service personnel must carefully check whether the contract meets the provisions of the Company, specification.
  1.2 from the sales contract to date, the service personnel must be issued within two days of the goods required for the contract. Delivery shall be produced before sale, recently sold the first, the principle of quality and quantity,Be accurate.
  1.3 The Ministry of Finance of the goods within two days after the issue must be invoiced, the invoice must be sent directly by registered letter sent to purchase units or offices, the sales staff on behalf of the turn.
  1.4 After the drugs were sold, establishing the tracking system, and build customer service center is responsible for the quality
of drugs sold, the number of verification and investigation.
2, service personnel
  2.1 The service personnel must be in the "customer is God" the purpose of customer service, sales service.
  2.2 must be time for the customer service personnel and sales staff in applying for the various procedures.
  2.3 The customer service personnel and sales staff must be resolved within the scope of the policy to allow all the difficulties.
  2.4 in a timely manner to customer requirements, comments or suggestions back to the company.
3, sales records
  3.1 The service personnel must do a good job selling records. Sales records including receiving unit, address, delivery date,
drug name, size, batch number, quantity, a single test,Number, the consignor. Sales records kept for three years or one year after the expiration date.
  3.2 Drug returns records must fill out clear, so accurate.
  3.3 The Service must be accurate, timely delivery, and promptly issued by the pharmaceutical batch attached examination report, inspection report must be synchronized with the goods arrive.