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Create life for employees, create tomorrow for the enterprise


Job description

What is the most expensive in the 21st century?
A: Talent!
What is talent?
Although the topic under discussion today, one thing is for certain, it is only likely to become highly qualified staff personnel. Enterprises to survive and develop, we must rely on staff
Workers. Only improve the quality of the staff, the enterprise can improve the quality of products; only improve the quality of the staff,
the company's management and implementation capacity to improve; only employees of prime
Quality improved, the overall efficiency of enterprises can be improved. The quality of staff has become the core competitiveness of enterprises. Who has the best staff, who would certainly be a first-class enterprises. Staff
Quality, including three aspects: knowledge, skills and attitudes. Popular to say is: Do you know to do, will do and are willing to do. Or to give an example. There is a road company
Sheets of paper, an employee from here after. Let's test the quality of the employee. Case a: If the employee has not received any education, and waste paper lying on the road, in his view
On normal, then he would not Qujian this paper. Because he does not have this knowledge which is to turn waste paper picked up
the trash. Second case: even if the employees know what to do paper picked up garbage
Rubbish barrels, but his hands were disabled, then he would not pick this paper. Because he did not have these skills. Case three: even if the employee only has this knowledge and with this side
Face skills, but he did not want to do, he still would not Qujian this paper. Because he does not have this attitude. We can clearly see, to enhance the quality of staff,
Knowledge, skills and attitudes are indispensable. Misfortune tests the sincerity to improve the quality of staff must first establish a sound mechanism for staff training. Training is training high quality staff and improve the business enterprise
The core competitiveness of industry, an important means. Training should also be from the knowledge, skills and attitudes that
three aspects. On the one hand to the staff to enhance professional knowledge and professional skills training, on the other hand
Should also encourage their employees to have a good right and positive attitude. In addition, the business environment and corporate culture on the quality of the staff have a great impact. "He that knows nothing, doubts nothing" Proverbs
Illustrates the impact of environment on people, good environment and good culture to enhance staff quality is great for the role. Enhance the quality of the staff requirements of the times is the enterprise development to enhance the quality of staff
Show necessities; improve the quality of staff is also yearning for its own staff, the enterprise should be encouraged to go to do this special work, for employees to create life, for companies to create tomorrow!