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Build the famous brand of pharmaceutical company that the masses trusts, achievement human health


    Asia-Pacific idea: young, full of passion, unity, innovation, and sincerely concerned about every life, ongoing efforts for human health.
  As a pharmaceutical company, the company has always been to "human health" as its mission, is committed to drug development, production and sales, has introduced a significant effect, meet the needs of doctors and patients
Drugs. Asia Pacific-based medicine is a new type of pharmaceutical preparations, is the overall business development strategy has become more varieties formulations, 40 kinds of key varieties. Major labels, "Yatai
® "is a famous brand of Zhejiang. Strive to" Yatai ® "playing a well-known brands, enhance their visibility. Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical next few years will continue to adjust product structure, strengthen the market,
Concentrated its research strengths, the high technology innovation and development, business development and expansion of scale, improve economic efficiency, establish and improve the modern enterprise system. Continue to develop "ideal
Teamwork, innovation, and "the spirit of enterprise to human health, has been appointed Asia-Pacific's mission is to serve society
and benefit the people for the purpose, establish a corporate brand image, to present the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the grand objectives. All this reflects the genuine concern about each of the Asia-Pacific human life and health, continue to bring the gospel to human health.
  Staff core values: integrity - first person to do drugs
  People are our most important asset, for the pharmaceutical companies should pay attention to the character, the only good character can be trusted to make medicines, we continue to create human-nuclear Pacific
The heart of the corporate culture - understanding, respecting, nurturing people, treat people, the company's production and business activities all around this purpose is carried out.
  Product core values: Quality - Quality from the details of the
  "Not quantity, but for the quality" "not to scale, but for efficiency," the company to improve the quality assurance system, first-class quality inspection center, the unique production process, to ensure
Each drug's highly efficient and stable. Young and full of passion, unity, innovation, high quality products, quality service to our customers and patients of the trust.
  Core values: Brand - Brand is to enhance the core product value
  In the implementation of the rich connotation of the brand, enhance brand image in innovation, brand communication in the service culture, and ultimately "build medical name Enterprise, the first class brand" objective.