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Chairman's speech

Culture is the soul of life and development. For enterprises, once advanced management and technology are adopted, only outstanding culture can be passed down from generation to generation.


 Strategy is the big goal and direction, and it is the guarantee of the sustainable development of the enterprise. People have no foresight and there must be immediate worries.


 System construction is an important guarantee for enterprise development.  If an enterprise wants to develop at a sustained and high speed, it must constantly enhance its vitality and improve its management level through ideological innovation, institutional innovation and cultural innovation. The advanced, scientific and legal system is the most direct manifestation of its vitality and management level.  The times are changing with each passing day, and Asia - Pacific Pharmaceuticals has also entered an important period of transition to a modern enterprise at the same time of rapid development. Constantly improving the management system is the fundamental guarantee for promoting enterprises to move forward with the times to a new era of management and realize sustainable development.  Therefore, the implementation of the new system is of great significance for future development.


 The system is the internal law of the enterprise, everyone is equal before the system, and the earnest implementation of the system is the basic quality that every Asia - Pacific person must possess. I hope all employees will study the system seriously, and leading cadres should set an example and strictly abide by the rules and regulations so as to make new contributions to the development of Asia - Pacific pharmaceutical industry.


 Chairman General Manager: Mr. Chen Yaogen