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New Concept of Estrogen Supplement;

 1. Estrogen is an indispensable substance for women all their lives. It is as important for women to supplement estrogen as for diabetics to supplement insulin.

 2. The good estrogen that perimenopausal women need to supplement their body needs is estradiol with high activity and antioxidant function, not estrone with low oxidation activity.

 3. Estradiol can be well absorbed and supplemented through the skin, and after oral administration, it becomes estrone after the first pass effect, resulting in side effects.  Therefore, high-activity transdermal estradiol preparations should be selected for estrogen supplementation.

 4. Estrogen supplementation should monitor the level of estradiol and estrone in the blood and raise the level of estradiol to exceed that of estrone so that estrone does not work to achieve the goal without side effects.

 5. Estrogen supplementation should be early, starting from the decline of ovarian function, and can delay the arrival of menopause.  After the average woman reaches the age of 35, her ovarian function begins to decline and she needs to start supplementing estrogen.

 6. Every perimenopausal woman and menopausal woman should supplement estrogen for a long time, delay aging, prevent and treat senile diseases and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

 7. Estrogen is estradiol from animal ovaries. There is no estrogen in plants, but there are abundant antioxidants, which can promote the reduction of some low-activity estrone to high-activity estradiol and help alleviate perimenopausal syndrome, but it cannot change the fate of women lacking estrogen, and estradiol should still be supplemented.