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Service commitment

In order to further strengthen the company's after-sales service management and improve the management level and economic benefits, this system is formulated.
 1, sales delivery regulations
 1.1 after-sales service personnel must carefully check whether the contract complies with the company's regulations and specifications.
 1.2 From the date of arrival of the sales contract, after-sales service personnel must issue the goods required for the contract within two days.  Shipment shall be made according to the principles of first production, first sale, first sale in the near future and quality and quantity guarantee.
 Be accurate.
 1.3 The Finance Department must issue an invoice within two days after the goods are issued, and the invoice must be sent directly to the purchasing unit or to the office by registered letter and transferred by the sales personnel.
 1.4 After drugs are sold, a corresponding tracking system shall be established and a customer service center shall be established to verify and investigate the quality and quantity of drugs sold.
 2, after-sales service personnel
 2.1 After - sales service personnel must serve customers and sales personnel with the purpose of " customer is God".
 2.2 After - sales service personnel must handle all necessary formalities for customers and sales personnel in a timely manner.
 2.3 After - sales service personnel must solve all difficulties within the scope allowed by the policy for customers and sales personnel.
 2.4 Timely feedback the customer's requirements, opinions or suggestions to the company.
 3. Sales Records
 3.1 After - sales service personnel must make a good record of sales.  The contents of the sales record include the receiving unit, address, delivery date, drug name, specification, batch number, quantity and inspection form
 No. and shipper.  Sales records are kept for three years or one year after the validity of the product.
 3.2 Drug return records must be filled out one by one to be accurate.
 3.3 After - sales service personnel must deliver the goods accurately and in time, and attach the inspection report of the drug batch issued in time. The inspection report must arrive at the same time as the goods.