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Midsummer "Cold War" of the four major taboos

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Scorching summer, people wanted to how how cool off, do everything possible to hoist the sweltering heat of a variety of the "Cold War." But when you indulge in their own "success", they violated the taboo, unknowingly paid a healthy price, the following is what people in the summer of the "Cold War" in the easily violated taboos, you can not to that effect. "Cold War" taboo of washing 1. Campaign after cold water bath The scorching summer, many people like salt in cold water after exercise to map cool shower, experts hint that the summer to complete physical exercise, especially all their sweat, hot water for a shower is better than cold water bath. Indeed, if only to Figure 1 The rapid movement from head to toe after a cold water bath - was feeling very pleasant and can be subsequently may feel myself very weak, and some may even be a headache. This is because a large number sweating in the body when the capillary is in a state of expansion, if salt water bath, vascular squeeze, in the heat affected by the external factors, not by the time dissemination, and intracranial arteries is very rich, outside stimulation is very sensitive, high-temperature season, after head movement are particularly vulnerable sweat, and then if we use cold water rinse head, which may lead to intracranial vascular dysfunction, causing dizziness, headache, black eyes, or even possible vomiting phenomenon, serious, also may lead to intracranial hemorrhage. Visibility-cold water bath on the way the risk of rapid cooling is undesirable, especially in peacetime no habits, physical event of a sudden cold after often caused all kinds of discomfort, suggest that you refrain from Figure 1 readily, leaving diseases hidden dangers. 2. Cold water-foot future troubles In the summer was very hot, some wearing light sandals, slippers people like to use cold water washing feet, and body-conscious cool at the End of many, little did they know often do so is detrimental to health. Medical research confirmed that the foot is the most distal vascular peripheral branch location; feet thinner layer of fat, poor insulation; foot skin temperature is the lowest temperature of the body parts, it is highly cold. If the summer often cold water-feet, legs further cold, and then conduction through blood vessels caused the whole body a series of complex pathological response, which eventually led to various diseases. Moreover, depending on the soles of the feet of the more developed sweat glands, sudden-feet with cold water, the sudden closure will pore blockage, after a long time the problem would cause perspiration slow. In particular, their feet feel the cold water to stimulate nerve endings, the normal functioning of the vascular tissue severe contraction, so time will lead to diastolic dysfunction induced acromegaly artery spasm, erythema of the limb pain, such as arthritis and rheumatism. "Cold War" taboo of wear Figure cool coming out into the open Scorching summer, In fact, apart from an uncivilized, unsightly in person and could not think more cool. Because a person's normal body temperature is constant, that is 37 ℃. This constant is relying on the neural and humoral regulation to complete. Research shows that in temperatures of 18 ° C to 28 ° C environment, about 70% of the human body temperature is circulated through the skin radiation, convection and conduction completed. When the temperature rose to 28 ° C to 30 ° C, skin moisture evaporation (sweating) increased, and increased with increasing temperature. When the temperature or environmental temperature and skin temperature equal to the human body, the human body heat by sweating distributed almost entirely to complete. If the skin temperature higher than the temperature, radiation is not only way to heat through, it will absorb from the outside environment in the heat. If this Guangbangzi, skin absorption of calories but will increase the sweat from the skin will be quickly lost swap, thus ineffective through sweat evaporation cooling effect. Therefore, in the hot summer Taking personal charge will not only not cool, but will give people an impression that more sultry discomfort. In fact, the Institute of appropriate summer dress more useful physical comfort. The cool summer dress hygroscopicity relationship with the material for making great. According to determine the temperature at 24 ° C, relative humidity around 60%, silk goods moisture absorption rate of about 10%, cotton fabric of about 8%, the moisture absorption rate of synthetic fiber worst generally less than 3 percent. Therefore, to wear cool summer, some may wear silk, cotton cloth, and other plant fibers for clothing fabrics. "Cold War" taboo of living All day long, "sterile" Air conditioning Midsummer sweltering heat, air conditioning has become many people's shelters magic weapon, but cool air-conditioned environment and sometimes just increased the risk of heat stroke. Clinically proven, time-dependent air-conditioned environment, the human body to the outside world will be inhibited by the high temperature environment inherent ability to adjust and adapt. During the summer people in a considerable part of the reason is that heat stroke to leave air-conditioned places, walk in very hot or humid or on the streets and then fell to the ground. To bring into full play the effect of air conditioning, people will be using air conditioning, windows and doors closed to prevent leakage of hot air penetrated and air-conditioning. The attendant problem is, indoor carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases has been increasing oxygen concentration decreased significantly, this kind of an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria and viruses and reproduction. The elderly respiratory pathogen removal inadequate capacity, relatively low immunity, and therefore vulnerable to respiratory infection symptoms. Particularly for office owners, in the air-conditioned rooms in the long term will lead to sweat glands shut down, affecting normal metabolism and secretion while long sit-in movement will not cause imbalance neck movement, and neck muscles, nerves, the spinal cord, vascular involvement, the passage of time will lead to a partial cervical spondylosis, ranging from neck, the hardware, pain,肩背Department of heavy, upper limb weakness, numbness finger, while in headache, dizziness, vision loss, nausea, and other unusual feeling. "Cold War" taboo of eating 1. Breakfast "cold" and "hot" A small number of people - the temptation to cool and cold instead of warm breakfast to the soybean milk and milk. This practice in a short time will not have an impact on the body, but if things continue this way will hurt "Stomach Qi." From the Chinese point of view, it is not appropriate to drink summer breakfast center juice, ice coffee, ice milk, and other fruit juices and ice. Eat breakfast "hot dishes" can we protect "Stomach Qi." Stomach Qi said Chinese medicine is not simply refer to "stomach" This organ, but includes the spleen and stomach digestion, absorption capacity, acquired immunity and muscle functions. In the morning, the body has not yet out of all organ systems sleep state, if too much time eating cold food, there will contracture in the various systems and the phenomenon of blood flow was not smooth. Perhaps the cold has just begun to eat, do not think that any gastrointestinal discomfort, but a long time, we will find that they seem to always吃不饱, dilute stool, skin getting worse, or sputum throat always seems to have no cleaner small faults constantly. This is wounded Stomach Qi, and reduced the body's ability to resist. Therefore, eating breakfast when the first hot rice porridge, hot soybean milk, and other hot dishes, and then eating vegetables, bread, fruit and snacks, and other. Because milk and easily lead to allergies and therefore not suitable for milk trachea, stomach, skin poor people and humid climate in human consumption. 2. Urgency to drink cold drinks after exercise Strenuous exercise can increase the body temperature to 39 ° C or so, then a large number of gastrointestinal eat cold drink cold is a strong stimulus will cause gastrointestinal peristalsis strong, have abdominal pain, diarrhea. At the same time, hot and cold make dramatic changes in vascular sudden stomach contraction, the number will cause more dysfunctional digestion and absorption, causing indigestion or other diseases. In addition, movement in the throat may congestive state, a strong cold stimulation will cause sore throat, hoarseness, and other phenomena. Therefore, immediately after exercise should not eat cold drink, prefers to rest while eating. Experts suggest that the summer heat to quench their thirst or "hot" system "hot" good. For example, drink some hot tea. Because actually eat cold drink can only temporary reduction point temperature, but no thirst-quenching effects. British scientists have chosen the special hot day, using infrared temperature recorders to participate in the trial who were measured and found to be eating cold drinks around the mouth of the lower skin temperature, and the tea, nine minutes after the skin temperature can be down 1 ° C to 2 ° C. Because drinking hot tea to sweat glands diastolic perspiration and distributed in the heat, so to comprehensively reduce the skin surface temperature. But particular attention to is: can not turn to drink hot and cold beverages. For instance, some people just drink a cold drink, immediately drinking hot coffee, hot milk, hot and cold this change tends to be stimulating and teeth with dental. Moreover, cold drinks, hot drinks consumed the turn of gastrointestinal also adversely, making it easy for gastrointestinal dysfunction. Therefore, cold drinks, hot drinks should be separate drinking, at least interval of 30 minutes.