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Even with the monitor eye fatigue

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 Germany authoritative computer magazine "Macwelt" A recent survey showed that while ordinary LCD screen than the radiation much smaller, but because of its high brightness, but more easily so that our eyes become tired and may even lead to headache , and other symptoms.    
 In the survey, the researchers tested 10 different brands of 19-inch LCD screen, both desktop and notebook computers have. They found that all the LCD screen test all there is a "high brightness". The researchers pointed out that when the display brightness per square meter 100 cd (luminous intensity units "Kan Delaware"), will have eyes to a certain extent. And they are testing the liquid crystal display, more than its luminous intensity per square meter 300 cd and, in some cases up to 400 cd-500cd.    
 The survey auspices of the German computer expert Weihaien said that the LCD is not just computers, LCD TV also has this problem. These LCD screen in order to increase clarity, in addition to relying on the lights behind the screen brightness increase, but also the widespread use of a special "sharpen technology" to display the surface looks like glass filled block as it is texture, but also enhanced screen color contrast and saturation. However, it will be like glass, like reflected light. Especially when light as to the screen, will increase light reflection. The use of such displays of consumers, it is easy to be light "stabbed" and produce eye fatigue symptoms, slowly also cause vision problems and headaches health problems.  Well, how can we prevent the LCD screen on eyes hurt? Weihaien Dr. proposed, first of all, to prevent the reflection of light, the use of computers, our eyes and the distance from the screen to 60 cm or so suitable. Secondly, the general brightness of the LCD screen are the functional design modification in the use, we can try to reduce the brightness. Third, on the monitor may wish to affix an anti-reflective LCD screen light protective film, which can not only prevent damage LCD screen, but also to discourage the phenomenon of light reflection and vertigo. In addition, preparations for updating computer people, may wish to choose a new emerging market with low reflection LCD liquid crystal display technology, designed to avoid the light on the eye injury. Specific to the size of the screen, 17-inch LCD screen to protect their eyesight and sitting comfort, is the best option.