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Bad stomach wash glasses will be in the eye

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As the saying goes: "the eyes are the windows of the soul", so we have to increase eye care. However, the windows of the eyes - glasses, we may never really care about the. Patients with high myopia Kobayashi is, from childhood to wear glasses high myopia. In recent years, Kobayashi always feel that the eyes blurred vision, and often redness itching, and sometimes pain. Do I give him a detailed examination found no major pathological changes. After careful observation of his glasses after they found out the crux of the matter lies: Kobayashi did not replace the glasses over the years, many lenses scratch, but also Oil dirt. I gave him to re - optometry, was equipped with a pair of new glasses, supplemented by anti-inflammatory eye drops. 10 days later, Kobayashi told me, eyes see clearly, but not pain. Love eyes, but also care for glasses. Such myopia or hyperopia ametropia have to optometry first six months, if necessary, replacement of glasses; peacetime should frequently wash glasses: You can use tap water or肥皂水cleansed, washed with special rub Mirror Mirror clean soft cloth or paper wiped away, and then dried; lenses do not touch, because hands are Oil, and do not casually use of paper clothes or general wiping glasses, the will to pathogenic bacteria, and other microorganisms on to the glasses , eyes and lenses was very close, and pathogenic microbes can spread through the air to the eyes, eye inflammation caused. Therefore, the eyes to love, often washing glasses also will make people feel assured and comfortable.