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Dietary fiber help your Stomach

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 Now with the improvement of living standards, more and more people's Fine Food, nutrition has become increasingly rich. However, many people enjoy the delicacies at the same time, a rough but seem to human health and vital nutrients intake is declining, and this is dietary fiber.     
 Dietary fiber in a variety of physical and chemical properties and physiological functions, including both soluble and non-soluble, Beijing University People's Hospital of Gastroenterology Director Anita Liu in an interview with this reporter that eating dietary fiber on gastrointestinal protection of the health, disease prevention has very important role.     
S oluble dietary fiber mainly refers pectin, gums, etc., it exists in beans, fruits, edible fungus, mushrooms and other food, the role of the gastrointestinal health is particularly significant. Anita Liu Director said that in this type of fiber intake, glycolysis by colon bacteria, can produce short-chain fatty acid, to provide the necessary energy colonic mucosa of 70 percent, and adjust the nervous system function, balance hormone levels, stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and so on. In addition, it can direct expansion of blood vessels, promoting blood circulation colon. These gastrointestinal role is to maintain normal structure and function of an important guarantee. If the lack of dietary fiber, will cause structural damage and gastrointestinal dysfunction, such as ulcerative colitis makes the danger of increased incidence. In addition, the soluble dietary fiber capacity water, intestinal microflora can provide an ideal venue hyperplasia, intestinal bacteria that can be increased in number, thereby inhibiting certain pathogens such as Salmonella, Vibrio cholerae, and other growth, but when excessive intestinal bacterial proliferation, but also through the promotion of dietary fiber peristalsis and accelerate their discharge, thus maintaining the dynamic balance of intestinal flora. But dietary fiber is also involved in maintaining the integrity of intestinal mucosa, intestinal bacteria through the intestinal wall to prevent movement pathogenic field, so as to effectively protect human health.      
 Dietary fiber also has the prevention of constipation and the role of colorectal cancer, dietary fiber in the intestine from absorbing moisture in vitro and objectively played a purge role. Not only that, dietary fiber may also help eliminate human intestinal toxic substances. Intestinal bacteria within the various enzymes, food residue decomposition, produce some toxic substances, under normal circumstances be a small amount of absorption into the blood, can be transformed into liver, detoxification, the health not affected. However, as long-term constipation, helps large number of toxic substances accumulate in the human body, the liver detoxification excess capacity at this time will cause chronic poisoning symptoms. Dietary fiber in the gut from a scavenger in the role, it can be all kinds of toxins adsorption, diluted, parcels, and to bring its rapidly excreted. It is precisely because of dietary fiber shortening the stool in the large intestines at the time, and has the function of detoxification and antidotes, making big enteral carcinogenic contact with the opportunity to reduce the intestinal wall, and promote its rapidly excreted, at the same time, the Dietary Fiber Intestinal acid fermentation can increase the prevention of colorectal cancer can play a role. Dietary fiber not only has护胃prevention role, but also with the cholesterol-lowering and blood lipid, and can help to control blood glucose. Beijing Fuwai Hospital cardiac medical experts zhongliang lithat dietary fiber can contains a lot of cholesterol and bile combination of in vitro prompted its rapid discharge, so as to achieve lower cholesterol and blood lipid role. In addition, dietary fiber can be combined with monosaccharide, the slow rise in blood glucose concentrations after meal to help control blood sugar. Dietary fiber role in the protection of the health of huge, Anita Liu Director recommends that people should try to eat more dietary fiber, the daily intake of dietary fiber not less than 25 grams. Intake should be the allocation of time for breakfast five grams, Chinese food 10 grams, dinner 10 grams. To ensure that the dietary fiber intake, eat more vegetables, fruits, legumes and grain sick.