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In African country drugs selling operation manager

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invitesforZhejiangyataipharmaceuticalCO.,LTD Thecompanyisacollectionscientificresearch,theproduction,thesaleinabody'sspecialization,theformalizationNationalHightechnologyandnewtechnologyEnterprise,pre

invites for Zhejiang yatai pharmaceutical CO.,LTD 

The company is a collection scientific research, the production, the sale in a body's specialization, the formalization National High technology and new technology Enterprise, presently because of the trade development need, invites the following personnel:

In African country drugs selling operation manager: 

 (English specialized 2, French specialized 2, Portuguese or Spanish 2)


  The age between 20-40 years old, the technical college and the above school record, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and so on related specialized graduation, has certain English, French, Portuguese, Spanish written translation, interpretion ability, is ambitious in is engaged in the medicine for sale abroad work, has the good communication skill and ability, may withstand lives for a long time in the overseas work. Has English, French, the Portuguese language family country work, the life experience first.

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