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Asia-Pacific Association of Pharmaceutical sales in 2008

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Asia-PacificAssociationofPharmaceuticalsalesin2008 --TradeandIndustrystrategiccooperationtobuildamarketingchannel Tofurtherbroadenthechannelsfordrugsales,createafavorablemarketenvironment,intheAsia-Pa

Asia-Pacific Association of Pharmaceutical sales in 2008 

-- Trade and Industry strategic cooperation to build a marketing channel 

To further broaden the channels for drug sales, create a favorable market environment, in the Asia-Pacific Group's strong support and help of the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province June 20, 2008 in Shaoxing City Hotel, all the more "organised by the National Drug Sales Association ", the meeting came from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions of more than 150 sales representatives from brainstorming, pointed out that the vendors as intermediaries special attention should be paid to protect end-consumers, merchants, the interests of my constituents, the pursuit of win-win-win . I stress, merchants to improve their own overall quality, especially for the end consumer confidence in the medicines and reputation should be even more concern. 


Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., chairman of the Asia-Pacific Lvxu Fortunately, the meeting and delivered an important speech, stressed that the Asia-Pacific medicine as scientific research, production and sales in one of specialization, scale of the country, senior technology enterprises, in volatile market economy Yaoqi species level and not the poor circumstances, the company has always been to accelerate the innovation of fine varieties, internal control system, lower production costs, low prices return to the community, for human health and the ongoing efforts, in other words, to The basis of innovation, to control as a means to price advantage. After years of production practice, our products have a good social reputation; quality products resources, a good social reputation, to the fierce market economy in a place. 


New markets, new ideas, Zhejiang, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lvxu Fortunately, said: As China's medical reform continued to deepen, the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical seize the opportunity and momentum, actively bigger and stronger enterprises, Shaoxing and to promote the development of the pharmaceutical companies have made their due contributions, he hoped that dealers actively participate in the activities of the negotiations, extensive exchanges, enhance cooperation and achieve "win-win situation." 


On the issue of corporate strategy development ideas, Lvxu Fortunately, chairman said: This year the company hopes to and around the hospitals, health stations, clinics and other industry colleagues, through the pioneering end markets, through strategic reorganization of Commerce and Industry, innovation marketing channels to further expand the market together Share, and the sharing of resources and eventually achieve a win-win! The new strategy, new environment, new markets, brought to us is the new ideas, new challenges and new opportunities, in the face of the new strategy we have to sort out new ideas, in the face of the new environment we have to grasp the new challenges we face to open up new markets New opportunities; Asia-Pacific medicine, Bingzhe Care for life for the cause of human health and the continuous efforts. 


The meeting was a complete success, developing drugs for the future terminal market, to further enlarge and strengthen pharmaceutical industry has laid a solid foundation.