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Foreign builders of the Asia-Pacific Group on the Family Planning Association set up!

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Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Holdings Limited set of family planning associations in foreign builders and leaders at all levels under the guidance of concern in the preparatory efforts of the parties, in the October 31, 2005 officially opened its first move on behalf of members of the General Assembly. County Family Planning Association, Comrade Secretary-General Fang-liang, deputy director of the Office of the street, the Family Planning Association, vice president of Comrade Jiang Shen Zhou personally guide. The General Assembly adopted the "Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Holdings Ltd. foreign builders Family Planning Association statute," the elected president ofxiaoxing lv, the vice president DING Shun Kang, the Secretary-General Chen Jinhua, and the directors of Wu Jian, Wei Qin,wener wang, executive vice president of DING Shun by Comrade Kang presided over day-to-day work. To recruit identified CHEN Yao root comrades as honorary chairman.