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In August the Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical distributor business fair held

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August 13, 2006 ~ on the 21st Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical held a nine-day dealer business talks, invited from across the country to introduce dealers to conduct business negotiations, the business at the Fair were invited to more than 160 units the 360 number of dealers participate in the. During the Fair invited to visit the factory to dealers throughout the guide, and the company and chairman of the board and general manager of a meeting, the company on the first half of a summary of the business, vendors around the sale of the company made a lot of pertinent recommendations and spirit of "cooperation, tolerance, sharing, multiple-win" attitude to the second half of this year to discuss cooperation plan for the future. Fair in a friendly atmosphere and to allow the dealer a more profound understanding of our Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical business ideas, thus further deepening between the company and the feelings of dealers for the sale of the second half of the work we laid a solid foundation. In August, talks to a close.