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In August the company on solid preparation workshop for three of GMP (AP)

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By the end of July 2006 to the end of August, the company requested by GMP workshop on tablet, capsule workshops, factories patch workshop conducted a month-long renovation. After renovation by the plant in full compliance with GMP requirements. At the same time requested by GMP certification made on the corresponding products. The relevant staff conducted a comprehensive system of training and strict assessment, and requested the city drugs Monitoring governmenton the three key positions shop workers a four-day professional training and skills assessment, presented appointment certificates, do holder for posts in key posts. Through repeated self-inspection, site management workshop production, the production process management, equipment management, storage standardize management, quality management, a new level, to meet the GMP requirements. In the joint efforts of all, the transformation of the three workshops GMP successfully completed according to the original plan, passed GMP certification for post-mortem rehabilitation and laid a solid foundation.