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1, Yang Maixin (ofloxacin injection) 2, Star must be (Mesylate for Injection Pefloxacin) 3, intellect Maixin (lysine hydrochloride for injection) 4, Jiamaixin (plus injection gatifloxacin) 5, acyclovir tablets 6, carved legislature is not (clarithromycin capsules) 7, benefits (Ceftazidime for Injection) 8, injectable cephalosporins Nixi sodium 9, left oxygen fluoride hydrochloride gatifloxacin Tablets 10, Mai-optical (amoxicillin capsules) 11, Liang Luo (cefaclor capsules) 12, Lee snow Mai (injection diltiazem hydrochloride) 13, Kellet-jun (azithromycin for injection -) 14, Caledon Di (cefuroxime sodium injection) 15, Chin Wei-jia (penicillin V potassium tablets) Tel :0575 - 4816742 4815048 Fax :0575 - 4815743